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Business Marketing Packages and Prices

Twice the Marketing Services For Half The Price!

Business Marketing Packages and Prices

Complete Internet Marketing Strategies!
Now you know that your small business needs internet marketing, but you don’t know where to start. These packages will give your business a customized online marketing strategy.

Beat your competition with a customized social media marketing package tailored and priced to suit your company’s budget and fulfill all your online advertising needs!
Whatever your marketing goals are, we have a solution that’s just right for you!

As the future of advertising relies heavily on a strong, informative, social online presence, we provide the services to get your company where it needs to be and FAST.

Take a look at some of our Social Media Marketing Services And Packages below:

To Start: Social Media Review Package – $199 (1-time fee)

Be prepared to blast your way through the social media mess with this powerhouse marketing strategy, good for small and large businesses!
We will work with you to get to know more about your business and learn what the best strategies would be for your market by examining the best plan of action for marketing your Brand.

  • We will review all of your existing networks and work to improve them to achieve your marketing goals online!
  • With a 1-hour phone call, we will go over what we will need to do for you in order for you to reach your sales goals.
  • Spend 3 days going over your social networks and make sure they are set up correctly.
  • We will provide you with expert tips on how to improve your social networks.

After the Review – Take a look at our Marketing Packages Below:

Packages Features

Silver on-line Marketing Package

Gold on-line Marketing Package

Platinum on-line Marketing Package

Social media marketing strategy on-line marketing on-line marketing on-line marketing
Facebook – setup/enhance & promotion on-line marketing on-line marketing on-line marketing
Daily Facebook updates/engagement on-line marketing on-line marketing
Twitter – setup/enhance & promotion on-line marketing on-line marketing on-line marketing
Weekly Twitter updates/engagement on-line marketing on-line marketing
LinkedIn – setup/enhance & promotion on-line marketing on-line marketing on-line marketing
LinkedIn – updates/engagement on-line marketing on-line marketing
YouTube – setup on-line marketing on-line marketing
LinkedIn Group – setup / enhance & promotion on-line marketing
Secondary social media (Flickr, YouTube, Yelp, etc…) – setup/enhance & promotion on-line marketing on-line marketing
Video social media (YouTube, Vimeo, metacafe…) – weekly updates/engagement on-line marketing on-line marketing
Outreach – Social network friend seeding on-line marketing on-line marketing
Custom Web graphic designs for social media accounts on-line marketing on-line marketing
Monthly social specials and promos. on-line marketing
Monthly reporting & analysis on-line marketing on-line marketing on-line marketing
Pricing $600 setup $600/month $800 setup $800/month $1,000 setup $1,000/month

Note: All contracts based on a minimum of 6 month Contract Billed Monthly.

Mobile-Friendly Blog Setup (WordPress)

Social Networking Integration and setup – $1500

Having a great-looking website is not enough! Having a mobile-friendly Blog is essential!
With this package, we will also set up, customize and integrate APIs (Active Programming Interface) from social networks like (Facebook, Twitter, FeedBurner, LinkedIn, and YouTube) seamlessly into your website, this establishes trust and showcases you as an expert in your industry. Your blog is always the main backbone of your social media marketing strategy and has to be set up correctly and professionally.

Social Media Set-Up and Support!

for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube!

(includes the Platinum on-line Marketing Package)

(Platinum on-line Marketing Package is billed monthly – minimum 6-month contract)

We will create and set up your blogging and social networks that include Phone or Skype support services (2 hrs a month) and monthlay reports to show your increased traffic.

Your new Blog gives you the opportunity to promote new products, new sales, products, specials, promotions or just what’s happening with your business.
Your customers will want to know other news and activity within your organization and offer a way for customers to trust you more than the competition.

  • We will register a domain, host, set up, and customize a blog with a WordPress CMS and Brand it with your company slogan and logo
  • Create the Home, About Us, Contact Us, disclaimer pages, and up to Five More custom Pages (written by the client)
  • Create Categories for Blog Posts
  • Integrate your blog to social networks using custom APIs for integrated live commenting
  • Custom API Widget Customization for integrating social networks
  • Up to five WordPress Plug-In Installations and configurations
  • All additional pages (written by us) start at $40 per page including 1 custom graphic.
  • All additional pages (written by the client) start at $20 per page including 1 custom graphic.
  • Custom RSS Feed setup – users get the latest updates through an opt-in email subscription to your RSS Feed
  • FREE Web Hosting and Free Domain Name for 1 year (.com or .net) ($130 per year after that )

We can also supply all content, graphics, images, and video as well if needed at no additional charge.

This Package also includes Blog Management, Security Updates, and Maintenance for 1 year!

  • Update plugins, delete spam, and moderate comments

This Package also includes: Social Networking Blog API Integration Set Up

With over 2 Billion Users and growing and an average time spent of 3-4 hrs a day per user. Social Networks like Facebook and others have an enormous “MARKETING POTENTIAL” for any business.
A Facebook Page and Facebook Places are now essential for your business to grow online.
I know what you are thinking “I can’t spend all day on Facebook To Promote my business, I don’t have time”  That’s where we come in.

We will customize your Social network profiles for you and your business. The goal of Social Network marketing is to make your page interesting enough to encourage fans to join and people to buy your products and services. Social Network Marketing also offers a “Comfort Zone” for many customers as some people only go to Facebook and nowhere else on the net.
Facebook Pages and Twitter profiles in some cases also rank higher in the search engines than websites.

BRANDING – Super Social Networking Set Up and Marketing Services Complete Package

(NO HIDDEN COSTS!) $1000 per Month

(Minimum 6 Month Contract)

  • Facebook Page Set Up, Management and Promo – as part of our Facebook set up, we create photo albums, start forum topics, and upload videos to get you started.
  • Custom Facebook Landing Page – Custom Facebook Landing Pages can increase the number of people who “LIKE” you on Facebook and will buy from you.
  • Edit and implement custom APIs for effective social media marketing and blog integration
  • 50 Initial Facebook Followers – We will make friends with people who may be interested in your product or services and ask them to “Like” your page.
  • Weekly Facebook Page Updates – We will blast updates to the people who “like” your page and link to relevant content.
  • Deleting unwanted spam
  • Audience Building – Increasing the number of people who will “like” your page
  • Accepting friend requests and following back.
  • Send you alerts from people who are interested in your services or products via email.
  • LinkedIn Set Up and Management
  • LinkedIn Account Set-Up and create profiles and groups.
  • Research groups to engage with.
  • Set up blog integration.
  • YouTube Set Up and Management
  • Create up to 4 videos per month based on your brand.
  • Set up your Company’s YouTube channel.
  • Custom design the channel to align with your brand.
  • SEO your videos, to get found on YouTube and Google search.
  • We will supply all images, graphics, and videos at no extra charge.

SPECIAL OFFER! One-time $50 discount off any package good until febuary 1st 2021! Contact Us Today!
Note: All our packages require a minimum six month contract! and an agreement to our Terms of Service

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